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4.0 Service for equipment and plant operation in China

Our since 2017 developed SINOWOLF 4.0 Service offers complex repair and troubleshooting service to German manufacturers in China. You benefit from our mature, modern, well-designed service; an authorised spare parts stockist, delivering technical training, and multi-stage troubleshooting.

Our core arguments for an order placement in China.

4.0 Service Opening Speech: Dipl. Ing. Thorsten Wellnitz, General Manager

A partner who provides peace of mind.

SINOWOLF produces properly fitting items and assemblies in China  which are needed for industrial purposes  according to the specifications of our German customers. SINOWOLF’s focus is the diligent production of high-quality semi-finished products (assemblies and kits) for the application in different industrial sectors. It is important to us to combine decisive factors while purchasing in China. Thus, SINOWOLF brings German quality standards with convincing cost advantages and maximum copy protection in line.

While our closely meshed quality control “Quality Gate” secures industrial parts and assemblies in consistently perfect precision work, our complex processes allow a highly effective copy protection for a plus in terms of safety. As we strictly don’t transmit construction plans, sketches or names of clients to our Chinese suppliers and mount assemblies only in our own factories we can appropriately combine quality requirements, cost reduction and copyright. When trading with specific industrial parts we concentrate on an intelligent and responsible-minded use of regional product advantages in China for the benefit of the customer.  

In addition to precisely produced aluminium, brass, bronze and steel parts we also offer a diligent manufacturing of individual plastic parts. For this purpose, different material specific production processes and alternatives for further processing or refinement are available. Always according to our customer’s requirements and in a perfect quality. An exact processing of two materials into a flawless hybrid product is no problem for SINOWOLF. Within the framework of the extensive SINOWOLF services we take care of initial sample checks, functional testing, material testing, research of suppliers and supplier audits, product acceptance (ppap) and final checks. In addition to individual labelling, packaging as requested and smooth logistics SINOWOLF offers a performance portfolio which covers the whole value-added chain.