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Authorised spare parts stockists

You can’t beat the real thing.

In China especially, it is important to observe manufacturers’ quality requirements in equipment and plant
operation. No matter if consumables or spare parts – besides procurement, SINOWOLF will also control action planning and logistics on request. Take advantage of our status as certified stockist of original parts.
So every part brings a clear benefit:

Convenience for system operators in China.

Why complicate matters unnecessarily? Simply order spare parts fast and easily via our main office in China and save the bother of ordering components from individual manufacturers. A substantial relief, especially when dealing with complex systems. Smart direct effect: you use our direct contacts worldwide and thus gain valuable time.

Profitable for manufacturers in Germany.

Reliability is always an asset. With us, you can be sure that only original parts are used. This aspect is particularly crucial in warranty issues. In order to effectively prevent the use of copies, the manufacturers of individual components are not disclosed to customers. Attractive side-effect: you share the commission on all spare parts sold via SINOWOLF.

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