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Strategic troubleshooting

The future of efficient troubleshooting begins here.

Only few manufacturers in China can offer complex repair and troubleshooting services. SINOWOLF 4.0 Service turns this gap into a bridge. For even without a local customer service, our backing inspires trust in you. As your company name is integrated into the SINOWOLF 4.0 Service logo, potential business partners know at a glance that you are best-equipped for the worst case. This benefit gives you a competitive edge. After all, in China comprehensive service is a key deciding factor in order placement.

A team in China takes the heat off in Germany.

Our core team is trained according to German standards and comes from China. These multilingual professionals are based at the Sinowolf service headquarters and ready for action. As top-class engineers, they precisely identify every problem and find a solution without delay. As the crucial link, they ensure smooth communication between the manufacturer in Germany and customer in China.

Technology steps in at a crucial juncture.

When time is of the essence, success is needed fast. Thanks to advanced technologies our service engineers can access the relevant plant and ODA system as required. SINOWOLF 4.0 Service thus becomes an integral part of highly efficient troubleshooting. The interaction between the manufacturer's service department and operator in China assumes vital importance.

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