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Aluminium parts: Power of persuasion by lightness.

Serious differences can also be found in light metals. SINOWOLF offers not only a cost-effective but also precise production of high-quality aluminium parts – to your exact specifications. In the end, each field of application involves high demands. The production process of our classified suppliers in China is oriented towards the respective use and is strictly subject to our German quality standards. Therefore each aluminium part runs through our unique control system “Quality Gate” – to assure you a consistently high level of quality. 

For your top form solution

In addition to die casting, chill casting and sand casting we also produce forged, turned and milled aluminium parts, which of course include individual further processing of the parts such as anodizing, powder coating, chrome-plating, etc. All steps include maximum security. Due to our employees in China, SINOWOLF ensures effective copyright protection of your aluminium parts whether for single parts or specific assemblies.

An advantage for each part

Also in case of specific aluminium parts, SINOWOLF brings all decisive factors optimally in line:

  • convincing cost benefits
  • German quality standards
  • consistent copyright protection

We individually produce and process aluminium parts according to your requirements and specifications: 

Production process of your aluminium parts in China

  • die casting
  • chill casting
  • sand casting
  • forging

Further processing

  • anodizing
  • powder coating
  • chrome-plating
  • etc.  

Are you interested in a safe production of aluminium parts in China? Please contact our office in Munich / Germany.